My Lip Freckle Removal Story

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Cryotherapy for lip freckle removal before and after picture and one week recovery after procedure.

Do you have a lip freckle? I used to.

The scientific name for a lip freckle is labial melanotic macule. A labial melanotic macule is a flat oval patch on the lower lip (usually) of brownish or blackish tint. They can range in size between 1 to 8 mm. They are not cancerous (although you may get a pathology report to be safe) but they can be aesthetically unpleasing.

One melanotic macule formed on my lower lip after I bit my lip moderately hard while horsing around. Blood pooled and a dark circle formed. When the injury healed I was left with a brown patch of skin against the pink skin of lip tissue.

Doctors think we get lip freckles from sun exposure. This is curious. I thought my lip freckle developed as a result of my injury but looking back (years later) I suspect I may have exposed my lips to the sun without protection. I could have spent too much time in the sun leading to hyper pigmentation when the injury was still healing, or as I now recall, I was probably being too aggressive with a toothbrush removing dead skin from my lips. This could have made my skin extra sensitive to sun damage. I do live in the desert after all, so keeping a layer of dead skin on is as good an armor as any to protect my skin against UV light damage.

But anyway, two years after it first developed I had the freckle removed. It grew from a smallish blob to a larger blob over the years and I was unhappy with its appearance. However, I also wondered what would be the best cost effective procedure to have it removed. I was worried about the possibility of scarring and eager to save money.

The Freckle Removal Procedure

After some research I learned that to get the lip freckle removed I had 3 options: 1) to have it frozen off, 2) laser it off, or 3) cut it off.

I opted to go to a professional dermatologist (with the lowest consultation fee in my area but to be truthful he also had excellent reviews minus the usual complaints...long wait and out of date office furniture) to get my lip freckle removed. It was the best decision I made! The dermatologist answered my questions about side effects, possibility of scarring and so on and performed the procedure on the same day as the consultation.

I opted to go with cryotherapy. The dermatologist simply pinched my lower lip, pointed the nozzle of his nitrogen (cryotherapy) bottle at my lesion and sprayed for 10 seconds. And, that's it. We were done!

Immediately after the procedure I felt a slight burning sensation. The derm told me it would look like a cold sore and to expect it to heal within the next week. He gave us no special instructions for wound care, but told us (my husband and I) to come back if it didn't work and he would do it again free of charge.

Sure enough, it took about 7 days for the old skin to fall off and the new skin to show up free of any discoloration. There was some inflammation on the 3rd-5th day after the procedure, but there were no complications. I was thrilled. I made sure to stay out of the sun and if I did go out opted to wear a large brimmed hat. As for wound care I would apply Neosporin antibacterial ointment to keep my lips moist and I also used a straw to drink beverages for the first few days to keep unnecessary bacteria off my lips. One year after its removal my lip freckle has not come back and I am very happy.

The total cost of the procedure was less than $120 with 7-10 days recovery time.

Have you ever had a lip freckle or do you currently have one? What do you think of it? Let me know about it in the comments below.



  1. Hi there, I just had a lip freckle treated at my dermatologist's office today. He did cryotherapy on the lip as well. Mine is on my upper lip and i've had it since i was a pre-teen (I'm 52yo now). I hope it does the trick and will come out as nicely as yours has. Thank you for sharing your experience of cryotherapy on the lips--it's hard to find any articles out there on people who have had this done in this area of the body.

  2. Hi Yuki! Can I ask what area you did this in? The rates in my city are around 400-500 and I'm wondering if I'm just not looking in the right places.

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