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What 7 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me About Life

Today my husband and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary. Congratulations to us! The key to a happy marriage is communication, shared interests, and great intimacy, but I am sure many other couples will tell you that. However, what won't they tell you? It's hard to keep a relationship going (if both of you are going to be happy)! But if you are willing to put in the work the payoff can be amazing. You'll have a lifelong friend no matter what.

Today I am sharing 7 things my marriage has taught me over the last 7 years.
Home is where the heart is. To me, home is where my husband and dog are wherever that may be.Owning a home is not all is cracked up to be. You'll pay absurd amounts of money in property taxes and your home may not appreciate in value. It happened to us. Boo! Buy a home only when you have the cash to pay for it outright. You can't just walk away from those you love. Those you love are presumably worth fighting for. Health is supremely imp…

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