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5 Day Potato Diet Results

The end of summer usually spells a time of renewal, preparation for winter, and the last checkpoint before the end of the year. So I thought resetting my tastebuds and losing a few pounds (after coming home from Los Angeles and San Diego) would be a great way to kickstart the autumnal season. Therefore, I set out to try out the potato diet, a diet in which you only eat potatoes. Surprisingly, I remained steadfast for the whole 5 days thanks to my husband's support. So what happens when you eat ONLY potatoes for 5 days straight? Well, I was curious to find out.

On Sunday I picked up 9 pounds (3 x 3lbs bag) of red potatoes and boiled them in a large pot. I boiled the potatoes until they were soft but not mushy. On Monday morning, I placed them in a large bowl, covered them and threw it in the fridge. I was ready!

I consumed roughly 9 potatoes (average weight of 140 grams per potato) per day: 2-4 for breakfast, 1 for lunch and 4 for dinner. It was the easiest diet ever. All I had to…

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