5 Day Potato Diet Results

The end of summer usually spells a time of renewal, preparation for winter, and the last checkpoint before the end of the year. So I thought resetting my tastebuds and losing a few pounds (after coming home from Los Angeles and San Diego) would be a great way to kickstart the autumnal season. Therefore, I set out to try out the potato diet, a diet in which you only eat potatoes. Surprisingly, I remained steadfast for the whole 5 days thanks to my husband's support. So what happens when you eat ONLY potatoes for 5 days straight? Well, I was curious to find out.

On Sunday I picked up 9 pounds (3 x 3lbs bag) of red potatoes and boiled them in a large pot. I boiled the potatoes until they were soft but not mushy. On Monday morning, I placed them in a large bowl, covered them and threw it in the fridge. I was ready!

I consumed roughly 9 potatoes (average weight of 140 grams per potato) per day: 2-4 for breakfast, 1 for lunch and 4 for dinner. It was the easiest diet ever. All I had to do is warm up the potatoes or eat them cold if I wished. I could also roast, mash, or pan fry them. The blandness did not bother me as I initially thought it would until the 3rd day. By then, I was craving to douse my potatoes with olive oil, dill, and salt. On the fourth day, Thursday, I ran out of potatoes and purchased one more bag. I finished the 5th day with potatoes to spare. So how did it go?

The first day was the toughest. I was short-tempered and easily irritated the whole afternoon. During the first day, my body demanded so much water. I was so thirsty. Besides that, every night before bed I felt my tummy grumble. My tummy would demand food every four hours on cue. I craved meat each time I saw my husband eat juicy steak and the oiliness of salmon roe on his plate was irresistible. My biggest consistent craving was for a bit of salt.

To add flavor to my life I allowed myself to consume black coffee with cinnamon, peppermint tea and ginger, and sparkling water with lemon. Some people say you are only allowed to have black coffee and water but I found that too restrictive for myself.

The results, however, were quite stunning. My tummy deflated like a balloon after 5 days of eating nothing but potatoes and I felt my tummy shrink for the first time in a long time by the third day. One surprising thing about this diet was its effect on my menstrual cycle. My period came early by four days. Rapid weight loss is known to precipitate periods according to a quick search on Google. On the other hand, my tastebuds did in fact reset and I am now especially sensitive to salty and sweet things. Will I keep the weight off? It remains to be seen. I have a sneaking suspicion all I shed was water weight.

On another side note, please excuse the "after" photo above. I am aware it looks worst than the "before" photo. In the after photo, you can see all my lumps. The photo on the left, the "before" photo, was shot during the late afternoon in what may be considered golden hour whilst the one on the right was shot in midday sun. Golden hour lighting is, in fact, more flattering light. The after photo was also taken on Day 6 after I had a huge green smoothie. :)

Have you ever eaten potatoes for a long time? How did it go? I can kind of see how the Irish survived famine on potatoes alone. They're not bad at all. They are even kind of tasty and most importantly, super duper cheap!



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