Meditation on a Bodycon Dress

Listen, I am not perfect. My body tends to pack extra weight on my belly. See photo above for reference. At thirty, I am more comfortable in my body than I've ever been but let's be honest, I am no Giselle Bundchen. I nourish my body with good stuff but even good stuff can be had in excess. And stress, well, it's a difficult beast to tame and it tends to show its face in the body.

Can I dance? No way! I do like salsa dancing (in theory) but my tempo sucks in all things music related. I am as stiff as a board.

Can I move? Sure, I walk my dog with some fair amount of frequency even with my stubby hooves :)

What does this bodycon dress do for me? Will I wear it in public? I've had this dress for well over 5 years now. I've never worn it in public. It feels too sexy. I don't like unnecessary attention. Probably because I am not very friendly. It takes a glass or two to get me to be comfortably social.

Do I love my body? Let's stop talking about my body.

Ok. Let's talk about my body. With each passing year, I have gained a newfound respect for it. The longer I live with it the more impressive it becomes sort of the way you come to appreciate the quirks of humanity the longer you are a long-term investor, or better yet, the moment you try to run your own company and realize it's a hell of a lot of work.

I like to tell myself, "A body is just a flesh bag. Don't be shallow. Who cares what you look like? Take care of yourself, eat well, don't stress, walk a bit, but above all, focus on giving and creating wonderful things and everything else shall follow."

Do you ever wear bodycon dresses? Does it make you feel empowered or self-conscious?


P.S. This meditation is based on this video:


  1. Meditation is a practice of self-inquiry. Observe the excuses you tell yourself I'm too tired, or I don't have time. Notice how your mind can tend to rationalize when you break your commitment.


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