Easy Workflow

Lately, I've been thinking about how to improve my time management. To be honest, I've been spending a little too much time on eBay hunting for "good deals" on rose gold jewelry and on Youtube watching videos that don't add anything to my life.

I am all about creating and living well but I have many bad habits and poor time management is one of them. I get all in a knot when I have too much to do. It's as if I freeze. And when I freeze, nothing gets done.

To gain control back, it's important for me to write things down. When I figure out what needs to get done I can tackle problems strategically.

One way to gain focus and write things down that works for me is to create a workflow chart for the project I am working on. The chart above is an easy workflow for drafting blog posts I made for myself but you can create this sort of workflow chart for just about any project such as making Youtube videos or decluttering your house.

How do you manage your time when you're a bit off the straight and narrow?


P.S. The size of the blue dots above indicates how much time I should be spending on each of those tasks.


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