Would You Rather....? How to Get Out of a Rut

  • die happy or rich?
  • live fast and die young or live slow and die old?
  • grow old with someone you love or die alone with plenty of memories of numerous lovers?
  • have the perfect body or have an average body but a quick wit?
  • be a happy homemaker or a stressed-out executive?
  • work for somebody else or work for yourself?
  • travel to a beach or a city?
  • drink tea or coffee? neither?
  • have a large family or a small family?
  • pioneer or be a traditionalist?
  • create or destroy?
  • find the thing you love and do it every day or do nothing?
  • live in a small cozy home or a large mansion?
  • drive the car of your dreams or have someone drive you around in an average car?
  • be wealthy but lonely or poor but surrounded by loved ones?
  • do what you love but get paid very little or do something you don't care about but get paid a lot?
  • get plastic surgery and fillers or work out and try to reshape your body as much you can naturally?
  • contribute to society or live isolated? 
  • be known as the world's best lover and actually be a terrible lover or know that you are the world's best lover but be known as the world's worst lover?

How to Get Out of a Rut

Sometimes we get stuck. To get unstuck one exercise you can try at home is to ask yourself questions just like I've done above. Try jotting down 25, 50, 100 questions and look at them. Really look at them. They might help pinpoint areas of concern to you and at the same time expand your worldview when you consider the opposite, the unlikely, and the improbable. Turn your questions upside down and who knows what you will discover. In any case, it is an interesting thought experiment.

Here's how to do it.
1. Ask yourself questions.
2. Look at your questions closely. They will point to a theme in your questions.
3. Stretch your imagination. Turn your questions upside down. Ask yourself the opposite question. Question your assumptions. Questions can help realign your priorities.
4. Go out and take action based on your priorities.
5. Repeat periodically. 



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