What Makes a Stylish Home?

When I first visited my husband's family home I was blown away. Everything in their house seemed so tidy and orderly, yet cozy. Very few homes had ever made such an impression on me before. Of course, their chalet-inspired home was impeccably furnished and very stylish. I give credit to my husband's mom who is an artist for making it special. However, I've settled that it is probably the combination of my mother-in-law's eye for stylish things and my father-in-law's unique collections that give character to their home and make their home one of a kind, at least to me.

Peeking into others homes and admiring their decor and furniture is something I can do for countless hours. 

I am a total voyeur. I think a home can tell so much about its residents and their habits.

I love a good and stylish room if it wasn't already obvious. Fortunately, sites like One King's Lane and Architectural Digest allow me to indulge in this hobby.

My favorite interior designer is Christian Liaigre, a celebrated French interior designer that meshes cozy with a clean but modern feel. His home in the Caribbean (St. Bart's) is my idea of casual chic living. To live in a space similar to the spaces he has decorated in the past would make me a very happy girl.

"But how do you hide all of your mess in such a beautiful home?" I often wonder to myself. What kind of person do you have to be to live in a magazine ready home?

"An insanely organized one with a wonderful sense of style!" I reply to myself.

You need to cull things, regularly and aggressively. Everything needs a home and everything needs to return to its home once you are done using it.

You need to request your friends and family never to give you anything unless it is edible or consumable so it doesn't take up unnecessary space.

And, you need to plan out your home and invest in pieces that are significant to you. The latter is made easier if you are an interesting person with a great idea of who you are. You also need a wonderful sense of color, texture, proportion, and the imagination to picture how awesome your home can be. Of course, you can always buy someone else's taste and style and pass it as your own, but how much fun would that be?

And finally, you need a dog or a cat to come home to and infuse it with energy.

What do you think makes a stylish home?



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