The Nature of Introversion

“You’re really quiet, aren’t you?” remarked my cousin as I stood on the side of the road with him waiting for our taxi. “So what?” I thought as I declined to comment.

You know how introverted people feel when someone says they are quiet or introverted? Totally awkward!

Of course, things can get worst.

A keen and eager observer willing to make his observation public is always interesting. For example, when I was in college I was singled out as the class introvert by a writing TA in front of the ENTIRE class.

She remarked “Yuki here, who’s a total introvert.” I sank into my chair blushingly embarrassed or at least my ego did. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. And you’re a fat lady but I don’t say that out loud, do I?!

Introverts are people challenged. I know because I am one. 

We may call people on the phone and hope against hope they don’t pick up. Unless, of course, we really need something from the person on the other end.

And because we’re often antisocial we revel in the rise of technology. Food? Groceries? Random electronics? Amazon Prime! Ubereats! Grubhub! Online ordering for the win! 

Like many girls, I love dressing up. But because I am such an introvert, parties make me nervous. So much so that I often drink up valerian root or wine, in copious amounts, and even then I risk sweat dripping off me like a cold water bottle sitting in a hot room, or adopting some weird nervous tick, such as in one instance in which I drank a gallon of water as I conversed about business opportunities in Thailand (of which I knew nil) with an acquaintance.

As an introvert, you feel lonely when you’re alone, I know weird, right? But in a crowd, you feel the menacing force of humanity drain your soul. The truth is that we love humanity, but we hate individuals. Unless, of course, you are one of our intimate friends! In which case we love you and you mean a lot of us! 

If you count with an introverted friend you should know that “me time” is super important to him or her. How else are we to prepare for more human interaction?

We need time to recharge and to gather our strength to fake a semblance of normalcy. Otherwise, an emotional outburst may not be uncommon. 

Don't misinterpret our personality. When a store clerk dubbed me the angry bitch face girl because I would simply go in and scoop up my parcels and junk mail and not utter more than “Hi” and “Thank you” I paused.

Thanks for putting my introversion in context. I frequently come off as a rude weirdo because I am afraid of interacting with people, and so might any of your introverted friends! Or maybe we simply exist somewhere in the low end of the autism spectrum?


P.S. Introversion is NOT an excuse. Many introverts are perfectly social individuals that have learned to managed themselves very well in social settings. I like to think of it as a propensity to get stuck in one's head but that's just my take.


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