One Piece or Two Piece Swimsuit?

Every girl needs a swimsuit. It's a classic wardrobe staple, but should you go with a one piece or two piece swimsuit (and in which color)? I like black swimsuits but they are not ideal for sunbathing, especially all day. I'm personally partial to a one-piece suit (although they make my round belly even more obvious) because they tend to stay in place when I am wrestling waves at the beach. But as you can see I have both: one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Just kidding.

Here are the pros and cons of one vs. the other to help you make a decision. Of course, you can pick one, or both. Even a die-hard minimalist wouldn't blame you for having two swimsuits.

One Piece


  • Elegant and classic
  • Currently trendy
  • Slimming if you find the right cut and material 
  • You're less likely to flash someone if you're actually going swimming in the ocean where there might be waves


  • Intricate cutouts will inevitably leave you a with funny looking tan especially if you tan easily
  • Not figure flattering if you choose the wrong cut and material
  • Often associated with mature women or young girls

A Two Piece Bikini


  • Youthful 
  • Shows of your body if you are in good shape
  • A bandeau top will leave you with the least funny looking tan and is the most optimal for sunbathing unless you are going topless or nude


  • Hides or disguises fewer imperfections
  • Not great for lumps and bumps
  • Intricate cutout will leave you with a funny looking tan
  • If a two-piece is skimpy or not well secured and you're going swimming in the ocean where there might be waves you risk flashing someone. Been there done that.

So Which One Should I Choose?

Whether you go with a one piece or two pieces swimsuit the best piece of advice anybody can give you is to be confident. The key to wearing little to no clothes is to smile and feel good in your skin. We all have bodily imperfections. Whether it is cellulite or extra padding we are all insecure about something. But remember, the beach, hot tub, or pool is too awesome to miss just for fear you will offend someone's sensitivities with your bodily imperfections. :)



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