My Top 3 Frugal Finds in Stores and Online

Today I am sharing my top 3 frugal finds in stores and online. I came across some of these by accident but in other instances, I was looking for cheaper alternatives to more expensive versions of what I was looking for. Anyway, I thought these were too good to keep to myself and so here they are:

1. Organic (or not) produce from the 99 Cent Only Store

About two years ago a 99C Only Store popped up in our town (nothing in their store is actually 99 cents it's actually .999999 or a dollar) and we heard they carried organic goods from a friend so we went to check it out. Low and behold, they are a produce heaven!

You can buy fruits and vegetables for a dollar and in many instances, they will be organic. Mind blown.

When you've been shopping at more expensive stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Sprouts for your veggies and fruits, it's an amazing amount of savings or at the very least, a lot more for the same money! Now, we buy a lot of produce from the 99C store.

Of course, the store hasn't replaced our monthly or bimonthly trips to Costco, Trader Joe's, or our favorite butcher but I can't stop raving about their produce department.

On the downside, the fruit and veggies are on their last leg so in many cases they won't last more than a week. But if you are stocking up on staples like spinach, lettuce, citrus, celery, berries, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes for the week it's worth checking out.

Occasionally, I've noticed berries will pick up fridge taste (and I imagine their fridge hygiene may not the paradigm of cleanliness) so to address this problem I like to pick up berries that have just been shelved. To find out when they get their produce in simply ask one of their employees and schedule to stop by on delivery day.

Of course, the store's selection varies which means they don't carry the same products all the time, except for a few basic things. So if you find anything you absolutely love, stock up! For instance, recently we started noticing shiitake mushrooms. Therefore, every time we come in and see them we make sure to pick up 6 or 8 packs.

This is the same store where I discovered ginger to make ginger tea and where we buy extraordinary amounts of peanuts still in their shells because they are an amazing keto snack.

To be fair, the store does not create a delightful experience with attractive displays and mood lighting but it's fairly neat and organized and if you don't care what others think of you if you shop at the dollar store for groceries it's a deal you can't miss.

2. Prescription lenses from Zenni optical

Some time ago I thought I lost my glasses. I did a Google search for reasonably priced prescription glasses where they don't check your prescription too closely (because my prescription was expired) and that's how I came across Zenni Optical.

Zenni is an optical warehouse based in China and they'll make and deliver to you prescription glasses in about 2 weeks after placing an order, all for a very reasonable fee. If I recall correctly, I paid $26 for my prescription glasses and I couldn't be happier. They're going strong 2 years later. The only downside to my entire Zenni experience was probably the case the glasses come in: it's cheap! So find a fancier case and you'll be a happy camper! See photo above for reference.

3. Cotton yoga pants from Walmart

So you've been dreaming of perfect butt-hugging Lululemon yoga pants but don't want to splurge? Then might I suggest Walmart yoga pants. They carry an in-house brand that makes a pretty good cotton yoga pant, I believe the brand is called Danskin.

A couple years ago I picked up a few black yoga pants that are still going strong even after regular usage and normal wash. The cotton fibers are shorter, as is usual in cheaper cotton, but they've held up well to regular wear and wash for two years now. To be fair, one of them has a hole in the knee but I can't decide whether it was caused by my dog's paws, moths, or actual wear. I paid $13 per pant. For that price, I purchased 2 for myself and many more to give the women I love, it was a fabulous find!

If you have any frugal finds that you would like to share just comment below. I would love to hear from you!


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