You Need Dress in the Heat

Trying to look tallish. The trick is to stand on tippy toes. Who am I kidding?
Summer has made a splashy entrance cranking up the heat. The heat makes me want to just sit in front of the cooler and zone out with a good book or fall asleep. Cold, on the other hand, has much the same effect. But unlike heat, cold does not attract bugs.

During the summer, bugs wage a serious war and are ready to invade our house at any moment. We'll see everything from ants to flies and snakes (thankfully outside our house). On the bright side, summer sunsets are absolutely gorgeous! They are the most stunning sunsets I've ever seen in my entire life. Swirls of sherbet colours light up the sky just before the sun sinks into the horizon. Of course, with such a wonderful gift the heat is real.

So what do you wear in the heat?

My favourite outfit to wear is a t-shirt, bermuda shorts, and sandals but sometimes I'll put on a dress and be awed at how heat appropriate they are for the summer heat. The ventilation is superb! (And this is why you need a dress in the summer heat I tell myself.) I finally understand why the garb of choice in the Middle East is: loose white robe + turban. It protects you against the sun and provides you with plenty of ventilation. Double win!

Here I am wearing a dress I found at a thrift store a few years ago. Let's talk about it for a moment. The midi length cuts me off at the widest part of my calves thus making me look stubby (am I stubby? Maybe I am, who knows?). Every time I wear it I am reminded that I need to alter it to knee length. Of course, I love that when I sit down the dress offers good coverage.  The colour is also playful so I did not hesitate to take it home.

Will I actually wear sneakers with my dress? Probably not. At least not this time of the year. Wearing close-toed shoes, or foot prisons as my husband likes to call them, in the summer is utter madness. It creates unnecessary heat unless the shoes are made out of linen.

What about the handbag? I am carrying a bag made out of suede, the most finicky material in the world, but I love it and it reminds me of the Valentino Rockstud Spike bag in an Hermes Kelly style. This one is by Thomas Wylde and was a kind gift from my mother-in-law. All in all, it is utterly impractical. As far as other accessories, the hat is a wool hat and the sunglasses are a super lightweight pair of aviator sunglasses from Nectar (that I can wear for an entire day without discomfort) that I've been wearing to pieces for the last two years.

What do you wear during the summer? How hot does it get where you live? I would love to know what you think, just comment below.



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