Top 3 Things To Do in Malibu

We arrived in Malibu a few days ago to hang out with my in laws to celebrate one of their birthdays and I’ve been enjoying the best strawberries I’ve had in years thanks to a local Malibu farm. The Thorne Family Farm strawberries sold at Vintage Grocers in Trancas and Pacific Highway are to die for. They are juicy, plump, and perfectly ripe. I just can’t get enough!

They are the perfect example of farm to table. Grown and sold locally and picked at the perfect stage of ripeness (and the right time of the year) creates an explosion of flavors in my mouth. Thank you Thorne Family for your amazing strawberries! Please keep on doing whatever you are doing so the world can enjoy the precious fruits of your labor!

But, back to business. Let's talk about Malibu a bit.

Initially, the weather was rainy and gray but its blossomed into glorious sunny days with the temperature dipping at night into the 50's (Fahrenheit).

Malibu is one of my favorite coastal cities in California. The mountain and sea combination is simply stunning. Ocean and lovely beaches on one side and incredible hills and homes nestled on the cliffside and canyons on the other (the Easternly side of  “PCH” as locals call the Pacific Highway). The abundance of hills offer plenty of hiking options and world class vistas.

There are  3 things I love to do in Malibu that top all others: hiking, beach going, and swimming.

1. Hiking

Malibu offers plenty of hiking. My favorite hikes are in Solstice Canyon. You can choose to hike to the waterfall or if you’re feeling up to a more challenging hike wrap around the waterfall and up into the hills. It’s an energizing  up hill climb. Unfortunately, it’s not a loop and you’ll have to come back on the same path. The best time to check out any of the Malibu waterfall hikes are early on in the year after rainfall. Be warned that it can get very muddy.

2. Beaches

My favorite is a dog beach up further north along PCH on Ventura County. It’s gorgeous and not nearly as trafficked as others in the area. This beach is a gem (although due to social media hidden gems are no longer so hidden)! July through September are the best times to visit although you will find surfers year round. The beach across the Adamson house and next to Malibu Lagoon and close to Malibu Pier also looks stunning. I’ve never been there just to do beach things but frequently see beach goers sun bathing and enjoying themselves. They also opened up Malibu Cafe on the pier which seems to attract quite a crowd and has gotten rave reviews all over the internet.

3. Swimming

For swimming year round the Pepperdine University pool is bar none the best option for getting in some laps. You can get a daily pass or if you’re a local join their gym membership program. The locker rooms are a bit suboptimal but the lightly salted Olympic sized pool (they played polo there in the 1984 Olympic Games) makes it all worth it.

What are your favorite things to do in Malibu? Let me know in the comments below.



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