Top 3 Habits of Successful Fashion Bloggers

Have you ever wanted to be a fashion blogger? I have. It all started in 2010. Back then I loved fashion blogs. Whereas most girls probably checked out fashion blogs for inspiration and excitedly thought, "I need that piece of clothing in my life!" I instead thought to myself, "I can do that too!" But it has been almost a decade since and I have observed many fashion bloggers grow without starting my own fashion blog. However, I've noticed a few things about successful fashion bloggers.

To be a successful fashion blogger you need, nay, you must nurture:

1. Consistency 

That means your content needs to be out regularly. Yup, your followers are always hungry for more and you need to be able to deliver. There's always another girl waiting to take over your place unless you are authentic and can connect with your followers on a deeper level. Your audience's attention is limited and if you stop posting many will miss you, but the majority will simply move on. 

2. Attention to Detail 

You need a certain level of perfectionism and professionalism. That means you need to pour over the details so everything you put out or create looks consistently well put together and uniform. Everything from your outfit to your photography and your online presence needs to be polished and on point. 

3. Authenticity

Be your own person. You can't be a cheap copy of someone else others will notice. You need to know who you are and be willing to explore that with the public. This requires you be vulnerable in front of complete and utter strangers (it can be tough).  And, as you age you need to constantly reinvent yourself in a way that is refreshing (but honest to you) because let's be honest you are in a tricky space in which appearances matter and your audience's attention is short.

What do you think it takes to become a successful fashion blogger?



The Business Model of Fashion Blogging

The first generation of fashion bloggers were true pioneers of a new form of advertising that resulted in a job or career for some of them.

An oversimplification of their business strategy can be summed up to:
followers + ________ = profits. 
I like to think it's very similar to Silicon Valley startups where you first get followers and think about monetization later (sometimes much later or heck, never).

The blank factor in the equation above turned out to be brands and large advertisers who want their collections or products worn or advertised by the "it" girls of the moment.  Thus a new paradigm of advertising and marketing was ushered forth. And in my opinion, there's huge money in it after all, it's advertising.

For example, Olay whose parent company is Procter & Gamble, has recently worked with some prominent blogger sto advertise one of their facial creams and guess what? P&G has very deep pockets. If you look at their 10K annual report, they spend more than 10% (and similar firms can spend closer to 50%) of their annual revenues on advertising and marketing alone. So a blogger can easily get paid upwards of $10,000 to do a brand campaign. How effective are the girls at selling? Who knows! 

The thing is, there's money! So, being a well-paid fashion blogger or influencer in any of the myriad of platforms available right now (and that are likely to pop up in the future) is still possible and can be very lucrative whether you are advertising somebody else's beauty products or your own (example, the Ikonns).

Sure, the space may seem overly saturated. Yes, every girl who thinks herself fashionable hopes to capture a piece of the pie but if you are one of these girls, and manage to differentiate yourself and bring your A game, the public is always looking to discover a fresh face.


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