How to Fake Wealth

I won't judge. Whatever your reason to fake wealth is I've got good news for you, it's not all that difficult to fake the appearance of wealth. All you need is a bit of creativity and a credit card with a healthy spending limit (or somebody else's money). Preferably you will also have a decent job or a stream of income to pay off such credit card. By the way, some of this makes financial sense if you are truly trying to become financially independent.

To look like a wealthy person all you need are:

  1. a good sense of humor paired with charisma and lots of ideas and stories (whether real or fictional) i.e. basically, you can't be terribly boring,
  2. some artifacts that scream status e.g. car, jewelry, wardrobe, and if you are a woman, an overly botoxed face, a fresh manicure and pedi, and the best hair a girl can buy
  3. stories about your grand adventures,
  4. pictures to prove that you've been on said grand adventures in which you look cool and sleek
  5. and, above mentioned photographs preferably with beautiful people (bonus for fame) 
First, let me say there are different levels of wealth. There are people who might earn $100,000 - $500,000 per year in a job. These are high income earners who need to work all the time to keep the paychecks coming; they are distinguished professionals in fields such as medicine, law, or some kind of sales. This bracket of people are overly concerned with appearances. This is probably what you are shooting to look like.

Then there's wealth in the $1-$5 million range often as a result of owning a small but successful business. These people might be less concerned with appearances though not always.

Beyond that, the sky is the limit and believe you me there are increasingly more and more people whose wealth is beyond hundreds of millions and into the billions. Looking like a multi millionaire and billionaire can be challenging. These people can look like anybody (especially in America)! They can dress in head to toe designer brands or just jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball cap and it would be difficult to tell his or her net worth.

As a side note, upon hearing that the Obamas struck a deal with Netflix for a docuseries and the accompanying paycheck is greater than $100 million I was thoroughly amused. That means that as a result of that deal they've more than doubled their net worth (they were estimated to be worth about $50 million each). I am impressed!

The great thing about extraordinary wealth is that you can play by your own rules and sport a devil may care attitude about the conventions and expectations of society. To be truly wealthy all it takes is a clever disposition, incredible energy, ideas galore, and the connections to make those ideas into reality. But it's not always easy to make it to the top so the next best thing is tricking others into thinking that you've done it. Here's how you can look like a fancy gal or guy whether you have a six digit income or not.

Buy Smart

To buy smart you have to remember that quality is king. That means if you are in the market for a brand new vehicle opt to buy an older vehicle of a more prestigious make than a fully decked out brand new vehicle of a less prestigious brand. For example, you might opt to buy an older Mercedes G Wagon than a fully decked out comparable Toyota SUV. However, keep in mind that buying a car is only part of the expense of acquiring a new vehicle. Car maintenance and insurance should also be taken into account when you select a new car to you.

You can also buy an entirely new designer wardrobe if you buy used pieces from shopping sites like eBay, the Real Real and so on. Granted they will not be pieces from the latest collection, but if you develop your own unique style you won't be tied to the whims of fashion. The first thing you have to do is find designers that flatter your body type and suit your lifestyle.

Buying smart also means taking into account your entire budget. Sometimes you can make interesting purchases with the bulk of your budget by dividing it up. For example, we once had friends who purchased a modest house for $1.2 million dollars in a beach neighborhood in San Diego. With the same budget they could have purchased a less expensive house in a different neighborhood (not so close to the beach) and purchased a boat.

To buy smart you need to consider all your options and pick the option that makes you look the most prestigious. After all, that's what you are going for.


Believe it or not you can rent a bunch of stuff that can give you the appearance of wealth. You can rent clothes, cars, jewelry, timepieces, art, yachts and chateaus at the click of a button. When you divide the costs of renting these items with other people who are also interested in sharing these experiences you can make the rental costs more affordable.

Here are some sites to check out:

Take Lots of Pictures

Now that you've rented all the status artifacts that make you look super fancy and have gotten in the best shape of your life (and styled yourself by yourself or bought somebody else's services and taste) you need to go out on grand adventures and start taking lots of photos to prove to others that you are in fact fancy. Along the way don't forget to make friends with people who are either very good looking or famous in some kind of way (although you can elevate your existing friends by calling them the most brilliant at whatever they do). That really gives credibility to your fanciness!

To keep fancy people within your arm grasp you need to be a hoot or in other words you need to be entertaining. Make sure you have a personality. Your personality needs to be brimming with energy or mysteriousness! This will make you irresistibly magnetic and may even arise hatred in some, however the more people talk about you the more popular you become. Also, don't forget to be generous: be generous with your time, money, advice, and money whenever possible! That means, buy that first class ticket because you never know who is going to be sitting next to you and donate to that charity.

Good luck being fancy! Let me know if you have any other ideas on how to be fancy as I would love to hear from you.



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