3 Coffee Alternatives for Your Morning Ritual

I love coffee! The smell alone is so orgasmically good for my brain. However, it's not always so good for my tummy (raising its acidity). And sometimes, it even makes me irritable. So, I don't always drink coffee. If you wish to get off the black dragon for whatever reason then today I am sharing 3 coffee alternatives that are sure to please your palate and kickstart your morning with a jolt.

1. Peppermint tea

I love peppermint tea. It's refreshing and uplifting! It's also caffeine free and smells refreshing. My favorite peppermint tea is from Trader Joe's (it's sold as Trader Joe's Peppermint Tea in a green box). It's strong and smooth without any herbally, leafy, or vegetal aftertaste which can ruin a good peppermint tea for me. If you let it steep too long it can become overwhelmingly minty. For an added kick, add a bag of green tea (which does have caffeine).

Peppermint tea has been a favorite of my family's for years now. I always stock up on multiple boxes when we stop at TJ's just in case they change suppliers or stop offering it altogether.

It's a fantastic treat after dinner and first thing in the morning.

You could also opt for fresh peppermint tea.

2. Ginger tea

For a long time, I was suspicious of ginger (even though I love pickled ginger) maybe because when I was ten years old my dad made me ginger tea (just once) for an upset stomach and I thought it was disgusting. Interestingly, when I was a teenager I visited a vegan restaurant and I recall having a pressed beet and orange juice spiked with a dash of ginger that blew my mind. Ever since I've thought little of ginger, until recently.

To make ginger tea all you have to do is peel a 1-2 inch sized piece of ginger, slice it, throw it in a jar, pour boiling water over it, and let it steep for 5-10 minutes and in no time you will have a gingery concoction that's uplifting and energizing. In addition, it will make your kitchen smell like a juice bar.

Cut the ginger into thin slices for maximum gingery goodness.

I like to pair my ginger tea with peppermint tea or raw cocoa.

3. "Hot cocoa" with raw cacao and boiling water

Have you ever had raw cacao? It's so cacao-y. I spent the first six years of my life in tropical weather and fondly remember harvesting cacao fruits with my grandma. We would set the cacao beans to sundry for a few days and then grind them to mix with a corn dough to make a corn and cacao drink. Perhaps that's where I developed a fondness for real cacao. Raw cacao mixed with boiling water takes me back to this period of my early childhood.

To make "hot cocoa" simply mix one heaping spoon of raw cacao with one cup of boiling water and that's all. Stir and enjoy. To spike the cocoa you can add any number of extra ingredients. My favorite are: peppermint tea for a peppermint mocha, ginger for a spicy kick, honey for sweetness (but I am on a keto diet) and sometimes I even like adding a stick of cinnamon for warmth and seasonal goodness. You can also add cream or goat milk for a creamy texture.

Raw cacao hot cocoa has a mood and energy boosting effect on me, try it and let me know if it has the same effect on you.

4. Dandelion root tea

As a bonus, I thought I would mention dandelion root tea. It's caffeine free and makes a brownish concoction that's reminiscent of coffee. It doesn't have the kick that coffee does and the taste is an acquired taste (especially if you are not into medicinal teas), but when you mix it with ginger it has a kick that can give you quite a jolt. In addition, dandelion tea is a good tonic for the liver.

A Final Word...

Quitting coffee can be daunting, I know. You'll go through 1-3 days of annoying withdrawal headaches, weakness, irritability, and aloofness, but armed with a few recipes of beverages you can simply replace your cup of Joe with and not your entire morning hot drink ritual makes the transition easier.

Let me know if you try any of these drinks and how they work out for you!



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