10 Ways to Elevate to Your Life

If you are drawn to all things grand, beautiful, unique, and awesome you are not alone. But, beauty doesn't just have to part of the world around you it can also be in the habits you cultivate. I've put together 10 habits that will add luxury to your life or elevate it, if you will, whether you have billions of dollars to your name or just a dollar in your pocket. Check it out.

1. Clear off a countertop.

One easy way to add luxury to your home is to have a clutter-free space. Try this: Clear off a countertop and keep it that way. To elevate your countertop place items there intentionally. You can place a beautiful vase of flowers or a wonderful piece of art. Keep it neat and dust it once in a while. Gradually you can clear off more countertops and who knows? Maybe one day this countertop will inspire you to clear off more spaces!

2. Wear matching bra and panties. 

There's something powerful about wearing matching bras and panties. It screams you have it together. Go for black, white, grays, or make a bold statement with a more daring color. Buy 3 panties to 1 bra. I like Hanes cotton bikinis.

3. Say no.

It's important to say no to yourself and others. Say NO to events that you would rather not attend because let's face it, your time is limited.  Say NO to the couch or mindless browsing on social media because there are better things you can do with your time. Come on! You know you can find a more productive way to use your time.

Similarly, say NO to protect your body and mind and keep it as healthy as it can be. That means eat well and get your body moving. Pass on the extra glass of wine or dessert and make yourself proud. If you can pass on procrastination and laziness as well you'll be complimenting yourself in no time. Of course, you can always schedule indulgences so long as its intentional and not mindless. When you focus on what really matters your life becomes richer!

4. Curate your collections.

So you're a hoarder but did you know you can actually elevate your hoarding by being intentional about it? Yes, and all you have to do is call it a collection! Whether you hoard sunglasses, teapots, artwork, boomerangs, desk toys, or books, be very intentional and thoughtful about what makes it into your collection. In time, you'll have a collection you can show off to your friends and family and the world at large.

5. Give.

Giving is an important aspect of creating a life full of abundance and luxury. Do something thoughtful for others and sometimes even yourself. When you give time or money or anything of value it will make you feel rich. No matter how little you have you can always give. Give a hug or a smile, or even just your time and attention, and you'll make someone feel instantly special. Of course, never expect anything in return.

6. Go for a uniform look. 

When it comes to decorating (yourself or your home), pulling off an eclectic look is very hard. Very few people can pull off an eclectic look. Keep things simple instead and select a theme or color palette and stick to it to achieve a uniform look. A uniform look just makes things look well thought out. For example, store dry goods in your kitchen in mason jars preferably with the same silver or gold lid and in no time your kitchen will look neat and well put together.

7. Less is more. Develop an eye for quality.

Less is more. Unless more is more. But when in doubt, less is more. Choose simple, elegant, and high-quality items and decor over glitzy, poorly assembled, and details with poor attention to craftsmanship. Once you develop a trained eye for quality, surround yourself with only items with the highest attention to detail it's good for the environment and better for your wallet in the long run.

8. Organize your digital files.

Organize your digital files regularly. Come up with an organizational scheme that suits you and periodically adjust it to your present needs. With some forethought, you can have your digital files organized in no time and enjoy a computer where you can actually find documents you need.

9. Enjoy fiction.

Read fiction. It enriches the mind. If you don't read then watch scripted television shows. Keep trashy indulgences to a minimum unless they make you laugh. Good fiction should challenge your thinking in an engaging manner and expand your knowledge base beyond your experience through life.

10. Be positive and speak positively.

If you want to cultivate great relationships, make yourself agreeable and rethink the way you express yourself. To elevate your life it's critical to express yourself in positive terms. Avoid whining and complaining. Many people would prefer to keep negative people at arm's length. Study how company executives never put things in a bad light. They use words like soft and headwinds. Good reviewers use the word lackluster such as in a lackluster performance. Cultivate a positive mindset that's reflected in the way you speak and a quiet air of confidence. And remember, always be kind but firm with yourself and others. People are instantly drawn to people who are positive.


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