Neostrata Bionic Cream for KP - Skincare Review

Have you ever purchased a skin care product that's a flop for your skin? It just simply does not work? Last year I purchased the Neostrata Bionic Cream to treat keratosis pilaris (KP) on my face. I convinced myself that it might be a gentler and milder alternative to the Glytone cream I generally use to treat the condition on my arms and thighs. I heard about the name from a dermatologist on YouTube when I was looking for advice on how to treat KP.  Of course, as with all drug and product promotions I was suspicious (I am not keen on giving my money away). The doctor might get kickbacks or have ownership interests in the product and the product might just not work. I decided to take a chance and ordered it on Amazon. Shortly after arriving, I started using it as a night cream.

To my surprise, even though it has glowing reviews on Amazon, the cream's performance fell flat. I would layer it on lavishly after washing my face with my favorite soap and find that the next morning it simply washed off when I splashed water on my face (my face would be slimy). Apparently, it wasn't absorbed by my skin. There were no changes in my complexion (at all)  either even after a few weeks of nightly usage. So discouraged I relegated it to the back shelf of my medicine cabinet. However, recently I've begun using it again.

I layer on the Neostrata cream after washing up just as before but before that I apply Ann Borlind's Blossom Dew Gel and then follow it up with the Neostrata cream and my Bioptron light. The white non-oily formulation of the cream makes it easy to spread even when your skin is still damp. On occasion, right after applying it, it will feel slightly tingly. However, the thing I've observed is that my skin no longer feels slimy in the mornings when I wash my face and I've even noticed my skin looks tighter and smoother. I am not sure what changed! Is the gel working its magic or is it the Bionic cream, or is it the Bioptron light I use after applying my nightly potions that allows the skin care products to sink in?

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts about this cream if you've ever used it or whether you've revisited a skincare product that had not worked for you in the past and later discovered it now works for you brilliantly. Until next time!



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