A Great Cure for Keratosis Pilaris That Is Not Diet Based

Glytone Lotion helped treat my KP with amazing results!

Do you have keratosis pilaris? I do. It is incredible how keeping keratosis pilaris (KP) under control can make you feel fabulously confident in your appearance. The thing about KP is that it can make you feel self conscious about your "chicken skin" where ever it may be in your body. For example, the bumps on the back of my arms make me think twice about wearing sleeveless clothing. And to have somebody rub my arms and remark on the graininess of my skin is mortifying.

I've had KP since I was 8 or 9 years old. Back then my mom took me to the dermatologist to get an opinion about my condition and he disappointingly told us there wasn't anything we could do. To make the condition even worse (when I was a kid) I use to pick at the bumps on my arms (while I sat in church). Some of the bumps looked as if I could unplug them. One time I picked a bump so much so that it left a dark brown purplish scar on my left arm (because my skin is brown) and I discovered there wasn't anything but a hole with a pink center. Fortunately, I've stopped (mostly).

In my mid twenties, I started getting the same bumps on my thighs. Alarmed, I went to see a fancy dermatologist (he charged $250 for consultation in 2012, a stratospheric fee that went to cover his sleek office and personnel). The dermatologist who had very little experience with "ethnic skin" to my surprise recommended a product that actually works, so long as you use it. Once you stop using it the condition reverts (at least in my case).

So what's KP? 

Later in my life I learned that keratosis pilaris is a condition characterized by a build up of keratin in hair follicles. Keratin is a protein that protects the skin by binding skin cells together and forming an outer barrier to keep invaders out. When you have keratosis pilaris your body produces excess keratin that builds up and plugs the hair follicle forming a bump.

Doctors don't know why some people suffer from this skin condition. It's completely benign but not very pretty.

Some people think you get KP because of diet or genetics.

I can't speak to genetics, but let's talk about diet. Some people think KP is the result of vitamin A and D deficiencies so I decided to make a few dietary changes. They were easy changes because I've been on a low carb high fat diet for a year now.  To deal with a potential Vitamin A deficiency, I started eating beef liver. To deal with a Vitamin D deficiency (which I tested low on a few years ago) I added sun bathing and not wearing SPF all the time to my skincare routine (and supplement when I remember). The results are less than stellar. My arms still feel bumpy. That makes me wonder if I am simply not able to synthesize these vitamins effectively because of some other root cause. I would need to do more research.

The only difference I have noted is a reduction in redness and inflammation all over my arms. The color is less blotchy and more uniform looking i.e. a lot of the bumps are my skin color and some of them have a white head. I suspect there is a correlation between redness and sugar consumption (chocolate addict here), but it would require closer observation to draw a definitive link. Thus not eating carbs has diminished the redness. Interestingly, in recent months I have noticed new redness on my cheeks close to my nasolabial folds on both sides of my face which I think is KP. Is that the result of higher carbohydrate consumption over winter? Dun...dun..dun.

The Solution

Diet aside, the fancy dermatologist I went to recommended Glytone Lotion and sold me an overpriced pack of the cream and body wash. To be honest, all you need is the cream. The cream helps slough off the top layer skin with glycolic acid and it works like a charm.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid. The acid dissolves sebum and other substances that bind cells together and as a result breaks down the top layer of skin (revealing brand new skin). In effect, it's a chemical peel. It effectively diminishes and reduces the number and appearance of bumps so your skin feels and looks smoother. When I first started using it the results were amazing.

On occasion on applying the Glytone Lotion I've experienced a burning sensation. In a few of those instances the burning sensation was so overwhelming that I had to wipe it off. According to the dermatologist, the best time to use the cream is after showering when skin has been softened with warm water. I don't know if this product is suitable for all types of skin, but I do know that when I use it it works.

You can find this cream on Amazon here: Glytone Lotion

Have you ever used Glytone lotion? If not, let me know how you deal with your KP.



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