Garance Dore is My Work Icon and Here's Why

A sketch of Garance Dore by yours truly.

Some girls dream of being like their favorite singer or Youtube star or even favorite actress but I dream of being like Garance Dore. Of course, I don't want to be her. She is unique and irreplaceable. Nor am I French, or a die hard New Yorker, or even an urbanite. However, to spin personal anecdotes as skillfully as she has done over the last ten years and captivate an audience of thousands of women sounds like a dream. But what I admire most about Garance's life is her pursuit of more than just one craft. She's a writer, illustrator, photographer and entrepreneur making her a girl boss I would like to imitate.

Could I spin my life into a grand adventure while using my creative talents and make a living out of it?


For every Garance Dore, how many failed Garance Dores have their been?

Countless, I suspect. Is it grit or luck or both that have made her successful? A part of me echoes Scott. He was instrumental to her success because he had the connections and ideas and of course, she delivered. She was also at the right place and at the right time: 2008, New York, fashion, blogging. Put 2 and 2 together and you get the picture. But I am me, I have no Scott equivalent, and it's 2018. The blogosphere is overly saturated. The setting in which I live promotes stillness and the best dressed creatures I know are the colorful lizards. But, for a crazy moment, let's imagine it was possible to be like Garance Dore with my own life and unique point of view. What would it take for me to become an illustrator, photographer, and writer?

At the moment my drawing skills leave plenty to be desired. Yes, I have collected three books on how to draw and they're all brilliant but they've been gathering dust on my bookshelf for at least 3 months . And right next to them lays my Huion tablet, a Wacom like drawing tablet, that taunts me. Will I ever break down and get down to business? "Just do it," it whispers, "Draw, sketch, doodle, just do something." "Do it as if it was cooking."

I must not want this hard enough.

Then there's photography. My husband and I have a DSLR camera and we even have a magnificent Leica lens that takes stunning photographs. I haven't read the camera's manual and I am a little frightened by all the buttons but most of all, I am afraid that while swapping lenses out I will screw up: introduce dust or drop it. Suffice to say machines make me nervous. Anyhow, I have to remind myself that I know the basics of photography and I can be competent if I pay  attention and let go of my fear. Besides, why do I fear screwing up so much? Good photography to me is more about framing a scene than how technically competent the photographer is or perhaps I am delusional. To be like Garance Dore I need to be a proficient photographer.

I just need to do it. How lazy can I be?

Finally, we arrive at the most important element of a successful creative: having a voice or a unique style that makes him or her different than the rest. Garance leaned in on her origin story. Everybody knows she's from Corsica and that she's French of Italian and Algerian descent. She's also a New Yorker and currently an Angelino. But most of all, she's that French fashion blogger. That forces me to ask myself, what am I? An introvert with a boatload of fear, love for beautiful things, of mixed ethnic background, in search of the best method for creative expression, set to mature in the octogenerian paradise of the Californian desert. However, I may be more than that so let's find out together.



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